Apr 2, 2021

Grade 7 camp

This term I had my grade 7 camp which was awesome and really fun.

So first when we got there the first activity we did was team building where we did a bunch of team building games, one of the game was 'dodgeball' but it was the pirates and police version. Then we did the night activity which was laser tag, laser tag was really fun, I had a lot of fun and my team won. The cabins were really new and I had a room with the Air Conditioner.

The next day we started off with surfing and bodyboarding which was fun and I learned how to catch a good wave after we did mini-golf which from my group I won, next was canoeing and SUP boarding(Stand Up Paddle Boarding) which wasn't as good as I thought because we didn't get to use the Finns under the boards so it wasn't smooth instead it was indescribable. For the second night activity, we did a trivia about Australia e.g. which town is Australias easiest point and more.

On the third day, we did archery, obstacle course and orienteering which was relaxing and enjoyable, before I knew we were getting in the buses and getting ready for the 2-hour trip back to school.

Grade 7 camp was fun and I guess Grade 8 camp will be fun as well but with different friends.

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