Dec 8, 2020

Farewell to Primary School

Thank you to the respected Teachers, juniors and friends. Its time to say "Good-Bye" to all primary school staff and students. It was my pleasure to learn with all of you.

It is a matter of pride to study in historic 140 years old school.

I would like to congratulate my classmates for the next journey to High School. All of you must have a lot of good memories of the school from the early years.

I remember the early years. My parents dropped me by car, then I started the bike and walk to school with many classmates. Camping was the best part of my lifetime memories.

My understanding of school is to play, no homework and just fun all day. School is almost my home.

I wish my classmates to reach the highest benchmark of excellence with hard work and honesty. Its time to pursue a dream career in the upcoming days. As a student, you made the School Proud and will carry forward the legacy.

At last, I would say my wishes are with you all. Wish you a very successful future. 

Just for my friends reading this "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello".

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